Online Training Service

At Reflex, we don’t simply maintain a gym and offer use of equipment. We pride ourselves with the professional service that our qualified trainers offer to our members.

This is why we have set up a highly requested online training service. By signing up to any of our programs, we offer you structure and accountability

What are we offering?

  • Personal Training
    1-to-1 or small groups, you will be assigned to a trainer who will be with you via video call throughout the entire session, guiding, correcting, and motivating you.


  • Private classes
    Adding a social element to any type of workout of your choice, this is perfect for a group of friends or colleagues.


  • Online Training Program
    Customized workouts per week catered around your goals and fitness level, your time, your space, and equipment available.


  • Nutritional Consultation
    Learn about nutritional therapy, receive lifestyle and diet guidance in order to stay on track, and understand what works for you.