Grid Training Program

On October 19th, The Grid Sprint will take place, and as The Official Training Partner for the event Team Reflex has a fresh Grid Training program to prepare you for the rigours of the thrilling assault course.

The training is deeper, more intense, and highly focused on the obstacles and the endurance factor. The package on offer consists of 5 sessions a week. Our team of professional and dedicated coaches have had much success in readying participants for these races in the past, and have upped their game yet again for the forthcoming Grid race. The team now has even more members, with the addition of Wojtek Stellmach, and Grid 5-time champion Ryan Mex this time round!

We have circuits, weights, yoga, nutrition, and cardio workouts galore lined up to put you into peak condition. Training will occasionally take place on various types of terrain in different locations. We will also focus on nutrition, as well as running and obstacle technique through seminars and workshops, and through day to day sessions.

Team spirit and overall fitness builds with each workout. We develop rookies and pros alike for the challenge ahead. Join us for this unique opportunity and thoroughly rewarding experience!