Grid Sprint Training Program

The Grid Sprint is back on October 17th, and as the official training partner of the event, Reflex returns with another training program to prepare you to complete the race.

The program runs over 15 weeks, starting from the 7th of July, working up to race day, with a total of 75 sessions for you to attend, lead by our team of professional and dedicated coaches. The coaching team have upped their game yet again, each of them with their area of expertise and signature style to offer you a variety of workouts.

The program is suitable for participants of all levels, and is structured to gradually work on different elements of fitness in order to equip our athletes with the tools necessary to conquer The Grid Sprint. Sessions are diverse and will include a mix of strength workouts, road running and trail running, obstacle technique, yoga, mobility, calisthenics, and body control. This year, we’ve also included a number of sessions at the OCR academy for first hand experience of clearing an assortment of obstacles. Team spirit and overall fitness builds with each workout.

The program will be held exclusively outdoors. Sessions will take place at the pitch at Reflex Fitness Point, around the Sliema area, including beach & swim sessions, and OCR Academy. Saturdays are all about location runs, with sessions taking place around the island to include a mix of terrain and elevation, all while making it an enjoyable and unique experience.

This package also includes a Wave 2  race ticket, and a branded team race T-Shirt for each participant. The program is also complemented with nutritional workshops by Sara from ‘Balance by Sara’, who will be offering nutritional guidance and tips throughout the program.

The schedule is as follows:

Tuesday – 19:30
Wednesday – 06:30
Thursday – 19:30
Friday – 06:30
Saturday – 07:30

We will also send 1 workout a week to do in your own time on the rest days.

Registration & team meeting is to be held on the 4th of July at 09:00 at Reflex Sliema. Join us for a unique opportunity and thoroughly rewarding experience!